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Top 10 Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

It’s been over a decade now since the inception of vaping and the debate continues about the benefits of vaping over smoking. Although vaping is quite a new concept in comparison to smoking, it has gained popularity very quickly. E- Cigarettes are being used around the globe and their demand is rising all the time. Many people are still dubious about […]

The Vape Debate: Pros and Cons of E-Cigarettes

Are “vaporizing” e-cigs a better alternative to traditional cigarettes? An electronic cigarette (“e-cig” or “e-cigarette”) is a battery-operated smoking apparatus, sometimes called a vaporizer, designed to be an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The construction and operation of most e-cigarettes are easy enough to understand; however, there is a fierce debate regarding e-cigarettes (as well as […]