What is An electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cig or vape, is a device made from a battery and a tank, which uses e-liquid. The e-liquid is vaporized by the heating element, releasing nicotine and flavour, which are inhaled by the user.


If you’re a smoker, you’ve probably thought about quitting many times. E-cigarettes are a great way to do it. Here’s why you should:

Lose the chemicals

Butane. Arsenic. Tar. Carbon monoxide… Sound appetising? Not really! But all these chemicals are present in manufactured tobacco cigarettes. E-Liquids are made from non-toxic propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, nicotine (in various strengths or none at all) and flavourings.

Save your money!

As all smokers know, cigarettes aren’t getting any cheaper. A pack of 20 premium cigarettes can cost you anything between Rs.6000-7000. A 15ml bottle of e-liquid vaped with a device like the One Kit will generally last you longer than a packet of cigarettes and prices start from 200. We estimate you can save around Rs.2000 a month by switching to vaping, based on a 6 a day cigarette habit.

Take some good advice

Don’t just take it from us, listen to Public Health England: “Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.”

Hundreds of flavours

Tobacco cigarettes have a relatively small flavour profile, and you’ve tasted it a thousand times. E-Liquids offer a huge range of different flavours.



Your rechargeable power source



The liquid that is heated in order to produce vapour



Also containing your coil, this is where you fill your e-liquid.



The heating element that heats the e-liquid to produce vapour





Vape Pen 22 from Smok just looks as its name suggests. It is a vape pen with internal battery that has a capacity of 1650mAh. Equipped with the newly developed Vape Pen 22 Tank, it claims to be a flavor-oriented vaporizer!

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Joyetech eGo Aio Kit India


Simplicity and efficiency is how you will think of Joyetech’s new product, the eGo AIO kit. It is the first all in one kit in eGo series. Anti-leaking structure and childproof lock are applied in the device. The kit looks decent and can hold 2ml e-juice

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SMOK Rolo Badge Starter Kit


SMOK Rolo Badge is an exquisite emblem shaped pod kit with built-in 250mAh battery and 2ml replaceable cartridge. This stealthy mod features smooth appearance, no button design, multiple automatic protections and convenient e-liquid filling. You can carry it everywhere and enjoy premium flavor.

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SMOK Vape Pen Plus Kit India


Vape Pen Plus by SMOK is the upgraded version of Vape Pen with some improvements. It has a 3000mah built-in battery for durable vaping. Larger filling slot and bigger capacity helps create a more convenient vaping experience. And better flavor and bigger cloud is expected.

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